Frequently asked questions

What time would you arrive to my celebration?

Throughout the years, we have gotten pretty efficient. Believe it or not, It only takes us about 30-45 minutes to set up. Despite our setting up efficiency, we like to arrive from 1 1/2 to 2 hours early! Arriving early allows us to give you a clean, elegant, and a non-rush set-up.

What would you be wearing during my celebration?

We take every celebration and every customer very seriously. As a result, we will dress business casual to blend in with the rest of your crowd. Unless you're having a Halloween party, then we will dress up as your favorite Superhero. :)

Do you play song requests?

Yes! However, if the requested track isn't appropriate for the event, then we will not play it.
Appropriate song requests will always be played. (Most requests won't be played instantly unless the requested song has similar speed or rhythm from the song that is playing at the time of the request.

When and where can we hear your work?

At Subelo to the Next Level, we specialize in mobile events. We are constantly moving from Ballroom venues to Clubhouses. We would love to invite you to come to see us perform, but we believe is inappropriate for us to bring an uninvited guest. Luckily, we have a SoundCloud where you could hear us mixing at anytime. :)

Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are required for us to exclusively save your date for you and you only. In the event of you canceling or changing your date, we will not be able to refund your deposit.

How do I pay my deposit?

Payments can be made right from our website.
"Booking" -> "Payments" -> Enter payment information -> "Submit"

After submitting your information, proceed to make a payment.
"Buy Now"

You will then be directed to PayPal to finalize your payment.

How many units would I get for the "Up lighting" add-on?

The "Up Lighting" add-on comes with a total of 8 units. In the event of you requiring more units, we can provide you with more for as low as $20 per additional unit.

Do you work with an assistant?

Yes! If your celebration is bigger than our usual, then we will bring extra hands at no extra cost to you. Our assistants are trained to operate behind the scenes. Thus, this ensures you and your guest a well prepared/smooth production.

Photo booth?

Coming soon!

Does your business carry insurance?

We sure do... Need proof of insurance? please send us an email at

Why Subelo?

Extra hours?

Are 4 hours not enough? Are you contemplating about adding extra hours to your upcoming event? If so, you can easily add extra hours to your package for as low as $150 per-hour (Regardless of package).

Over a HUNDRED guests?

As you may know, when you host a party it is essential to know how many people would be arriving to your celebration. The expected amount of guests is important to know so you can plan your celebration accortantly. At Subelo, we will ask for the number of guest that you are expecting to have at your party. We ask so we can bring out the appropiate equipment (Speakers, Subwoofers, Lights, Cables, ect) to your party. If your party its well over 100 guest, we will charge an aditional fee to bring out the appropiate equipment. *fee can range from $200 to $600 depending on the type of equipment needed.

Traveling fee?

Traveling fee only applies if your party location is 25 miles away from: 1812 SE 15th St, Cape Coral


I was recommended by a local as I was from out of town. They exceeded expectations. Subelo to the Next Level!

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